Benign Skin Lesions

Benign Skin Lesions (see  Skin and Soft Tissue Lesions)


CO2 laser is an effective and safe treatment to remove benign skin lesions such as moles, skin tags, papilloma, and seborrheic keratosis.




Laser System: CO2 Laser (surgical mode)

Duration: 1-5 minutes

Anaesthesia: Numbing cream (waiting time 30-45min) or local anaesthesia (no waiting time)

Downtime: 3-7 days



Post Treatment Care

What to Expect:

  1. A small scab will form on the wound and will  peel off in a few days.
  2. The wound usually heals in 5-7 days, depending on the size and depth of the lesion.



Wound care protocol:

  1. Apply the antibiotic cream 2-3 times a day.
  2. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Use sunscreen protection.


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