Outstation and International Patients

Outstation and International Patients

Are you interested in having plastic surgery in Kuala Lumpur with our doctor, and yet feel worried to manage due to the location? There is no need to worry. Many patients whom we serve are outstation patients and international patients. We offer support and assistance for transportation and accommodation should the needs arise.




Our clinic is located in Cheras District in Kuala Lumpur, next to Jalan Cheras, a bustling road linked directly to other Kuala Lumpur areas. It is conveniently accessible by car or public transport MRT from Kuala Lumpur city centre, other places in Klang Valley, and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA1 and KLIA2). The clinic is easy to find, just a short walking distance from Cheras Leisure Mall and MRT station (Taman Mutiara).




Outstation and international patients may stay in any hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Public transport between our clinic and our hospital to all major hotels in Kuala Lumpur is convenient. Patients may also stay in one of the lodging inns located within a short walking distance from our clinic.




Consultation involves discussing the patient’s concerns and requests, treatment options, history taking, clinical examination. The surgeon may order lab or radiological investigations if the need arises. For surgical procedures, an initial visit for preliminary consultation is desirable. It is best if the patient can come in person to consult the surgeon face to face. However, we understand that sometimes patients are faraway or prefer to come for consultation and do the procedure on the same day because of time constraints. In such a scenario, we can arrange prior consultation via email, WhatsApp, or telephone.




Our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule the date and time for the procedure you wish to do. At the time of booking, pre-operative and post-operative instructions will be given to patients to follow.




Post-operative instructions will be given to patients to follow during the recovery period. The patient’s first post-operative review is usually around five to seven days after the operation or anytime earlier if the need arises. It is advisable for outstation or international patients to stay around Kuala Lumpur during the immediate post-operative period. You can discuss with the clinic how many days you should stay in Kuala Lumpur before going back to your hometown or your country. Upon discharge from the clinic, we will arrange an appointment for subsequent follow-up.