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The aim of buttock lift is to create round and firm buttocks in patients with flat or saggy buttocks. The terms buttock lift and buttock augmentation often are used interchangeably. Fat transfer and gluteal implant (buttock implant) are two common methods used in buttock lift/ augmentation. These procedures not only change the shape and profile of the buttocks, but it also indirectly results in a more curvy and attractive outline of the waist and hips.

To restore the attractive full curvature and shape of the buttocks

Preoperative Preparation
• Treat and stabilize all existing medical conditions, if any.
• Stop smoking at least one week before surgery
• Stop the following one week before surgery:
  • All supplements that contain vitamin E, ginseng, ginko, garlic, fish oil and other in-gredients that encourage bleeding during surgery
  • Medicine that exacerbate bleeding during operation such as aspirin, NSAIDs and warfarin. You may need to consult the physician who prescribed the medicine be-fore stopping them
• Pre-operative bowel preparation is required to avoid soiling of the buttock wound after operation

There are 2 methods of buttocks lift: fat transfer and buttock implant

  1. Fat Transfer (Brazilian Buttock Lift):
    • Duration of Surgery: 2-4 hours
    • Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia
    • When to Go Home after Surgery: One night stay in hospital
    • Back to Work: One week
    • Technique: Fat is harvested from the body (usually the abdomen or thighs) with liposuction technique. The fat is then processed and injected into the buttocks. This will give the buttocks a more projected and round appearance. Fat transfer may be combined with liposuction of the surrounding areas such as the lower back, flanks and thighs to enhance the overall result.
  2. Buttock implant
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
    • When to Go Home after Surgery: One night stay in the hospital
    • Back to Work: one week
    • Technique: For patients with limited fat to harvest, buttock implants can be used to obtain the same result. Incision is made in the intergluteal crease located between the buttock mounds. A pocket of space is created in the subfascial plane for the insertion of the implant
  • Swelling and bruises may persist for a week
  • A compression garment is applied and is continued for up to two months
  • No direct pressure on the buttocks for at least 2 weeks
  • Sitting is avoided for the first 2 weeks except in the toilet
  • Normal daily activity can be resumed after 2 weeks except for exercise and prolonged sitting
  • Exercise is allowed after 2 months but not those that apply direct pressure on the but-tocks such as riding a bicycle


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