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Conditions like pregnancy, weight loss, gravity pull, menopause and aging process can cause the breast to lose the youthful shape and become smaller and saggy. The nipple descends to a down-and-out position and the areola (the dark skin around the nipple) is stretched. This condition is called breast ptosis. Breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure to correct breast ptosis.

Breast lift can be performed as a standalone procedure or as a part of a combined procedure, depending on the volume of the ptotic breasts.
  1. Volume of the breast is normal: breast lift alone is performed.
  2. Volume of breasts is reduced: breast lift is combined with breast implant to augment the breasts at the same time
  3. Volume of the breast is excessive: breast lift is incorporated as part of breast reduction surgery where the size of the breast is reduced simultaneously.

  1. To restore the breast to its normal shape and position
  2. To relocate the nipple-areola back to the original position

Preoperative Preparation
• Treat and stabilize all existing medical conditions, if any.
• Stop smoking at least one week before surgery
• Stop one week before surgery the following:
  • All supplements that contain vitamin E, ginseng, ginko, garlic, fish oil and other ingredients that encourage bleeding during surgery
  • Medicine that exacerbated bleeding during operation such as aspirin, NSAIDs and warfarin. You may first need to consult the physician who prescribed the medicine
Duration of Surgery: 2-4 hours
Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia
When to Go Home after Surgery: Usually stay one night in hospital
Back to work: Average 5-7 days, depends on the nature of work
Technique: depending on the severity of the breast ptosis, several techniques are available for mastopexy:
  1. Peri-areolar technique: incision around the nipple-areola
  2. Vertical short scar technique: incision around the nipple-areola, plus additional incision vertically down to breast crease
  3. Inverted T technique: incision around the nipple-areola, incision vertically down to breast crease, with additional incision that runs horizontally along the breast crease.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recovery
  • Small tube may be inserted to drain blood and fluid from the breast for 1-2 days
  • Some swelling and tenderness may last for one week
  • Take antibiotics and analgesics prescribed
  • Sutures are removed after 7 days
  • Light activity after 3 days, normal activity after one week. Heavy exercise after 4 weeks
  • Special supportive bra for one month
  • Regular use of scar gel and massage to optimize scar healing
  • There may be some numbness in around the nipple-areola which can last 2-3 months or longer
  • Final result will only seen after several months when the breast tissue settle down


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