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The main objective of laser skin resurfacing is to improve the texture, tone and complexion of the facial skin. The latest sophisticated laser technology allows us to achieve excellent and consistent results without the extended downtime and risk of complications associated with the older laser systems. Laser skin resurfacing is an effective method to rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin.

In laser skin rejuvenation, the laser energy targets the surface of the skin as well as the deep layers of skin. On the surface, the treated areas will be resurfaced with new fresh skin cells, resulting in smoother and fairer looking skin. In the deeper layer, the laser energy stimulates production of new collagen, improving skin firmness and elasticity.

The results from laser skin resurfacing are progressive, with optimal results visible in about 2 to 3 months after the initial treatment.  If the treatment plan is followed and maintain a proper skin-care regimen, the results from laser skin resurfacing are long-lasting.  Of course, as time progresses, the skin will continue to age and be subjected to the damaging effects of sun and the environment.  Laser skin resurfacing treatments can be repeated as necessary to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin.

1. Improve skin texture
2. Reduce fine wrinkles
3. Reduce skin pigmentation
4. Enhance skin tone and firmness

Laser System: Fractional CO2 Laser
Duration of each session: 40-60 min (including waiting time for numbing cream)
Anaesthesia: Numbing cream (waiting time 30-45min)
Downtime: 3-5 days
Total sessions required: 1-5 sessions
Interval between sessions: 1 month

• Skin redness and swelling for 3-5 days.
• Sunburn sensation and itchiness for first few days. Do not scratch the skin.
• Oozing of yellow fluid occurs during the first 3 days. Gently wipe with clean cotton soaked with sterile saline or water.
• As the skin heals, it is common to see the ‘laser dots’ all over the face. Skin starts to peel off from the third day.
• Recovery usually complete in 5-6 days.
• During the course of the laser treatment, follow the skincare protocol in sequence:
• Clean the face 4 times a day with a mild facial cleanser (morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime)
• After each cleansing, apply a special moisturizer (with healing property)
• After the moisturizer, apply the antibiotic cream (optional, only for the first week)
• After the antibiotic cream apply the sunblock (during daytime)
• Sun protection is necessary. The use of umbrella, hat and sunglasses is encouraged.


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